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AQuartz CleanAir (CHOOSE SIZE)

AQuartz CleanAir (CHOOSE SIZE)
Brand: AQuartz AQuartz
Type: Odor Eliminator
Packaging Size: CHOOSE SIZE
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AQuartz Clean-Air is a nano formulated photo catalytic surface treatment that turns vehicle interiors into light activated air scrubbers that cleanse interior of objectionable organic odors and indoor air pollutants.
AQuartz Clean-Air works proactively to remove any organic bad odors from the air, including tobacco smoke, and breaks it down into harmless CO2 gas.
AQuartz Clean-Air is very effective on eliminating unpleasant indoor air.
AQuartz Clean-Air is very effective in removing bad smell, kills bacteria, mildew, eliminating formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, TVOC and releasing the negative oxygen ions.
AQuartz Clean-Air will last for long time(up to 24months).
Spray once onto the surface to be treated. This will form a very thin and visible film of nano Titanium Dioxide( TiO2) coating that can purify the air for up to 1 year provided the film remains intact.
  AQuartz Clean-Air provides the following Key benefits:
>> What's the difference between Clean Air and another TiO2 photo catalytic products?
Because almost TiO2 photo catalytic products are Sulfuric Acid liquid binder, they are harmful to health.
When they are dried, they give off TVOC, so they cannot be coated on black surface why makes stain.
But, AQuartz Clean-Air is new technology eco-friendly, water based coatings and therefore not harmful to health and can be applied on any surface without stain.
  >> The decomposition of organic contaminants:
  AQuartz Clean-Air can completely decompose harmful organic contaminants which are hard to be decomposed using purification methods of chlorine or ozone. 
Therefore, it is very effective in decomposing and removing endocrine disruptors which are detrimental to environment and organic contaminants, despite existing in small amounts.
  - Organic chloride: Trichloroethylene
  - Endocrine disruptors : Dioxin, Bisphenol, Nonylphenol, Estradiol
  - Harmful VOCs: Acetaldehyde, Formaldeyhde, Toluene
  - Gases with bad odors: H2S, Thiol, Amine
  - Other odors: Cigarette/tobacco smell
  >> The decomposition of contaminated air such as:
  NOx, SOx, Dioxine from vehicle exhaust gas, incinerators and power plants.
  >> Self-Cleaning:
  The dirt is removed naturally. Hydrophilic properties makes the dirt to be washed away by water or rain shower.
The organic compounds on surface are decomposed by an oxidation reaction.
These reactions prevent dirt or organic compounds to be accumulated on the TiO2 film.
>> Cleaning up leftover poisonous gases.
>> Removing of peculiar unpleasant smells.
>> Antipollution.
>> Eliminating bacteria.
>> Preventing formation of mildew.
>> Protecting the basic material.
>> Long lasting, produces an easy to clean surface.
  Using Range:
Used in various applications such as on leather, plastic, fabric, wood and paper.
(e.g. unpleasant smells from the vehicle heater and air conditioner air-vents, vehicle cloth seats and ceiling lining, hat, Socks, shoes, clothes, furniture and carpets, curtains, etc)
Typical yield is 500 square feet per liter. 
Using Method:
  Clean / Dry / Spray the surface, and wipe it uniformly with a soft cloth. Dry it up.