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Crystal Shield AM-3

Crystal Shield AM-3
Brand: Crystal Shield Crystal Shield
Type: Glass Coating
Packaging Size: 50 ml
Availability: In Stock

Price: Rp. 750,000,-

Crystal Shield AM-3 is a glass coating liquid containing titanium dioxide, whose photocatalysis blocks ultraviolet rays and prevents impurities from sticking to the paint. 
It's blend of ingredients generates a hard membrane with strong water-repellent properties that protects the paint surface from scratches, wash-induced swirl marks, etchings caused by bird droppings and water spots caused by hard water, dirt, acid and UV rays for at least three years of protection. Best of all, this high-gloss coating is anti-static

• Inorganic glass liquid coating
• Durability last 3 years of protection
• Hardness at 7H
• Thichness 0.2 - 2.0µm
• candy-like gloss
• Antioxidant 
• Insulation property 
• Anti static 
• Anti acids and salts 
• Excellent high gloss effect - mirror finish. 
• HydroPhobic Water-repelling 
• Anti Calcium effect 
• Dirt-deflecting 
• Easy to clean/self cleaning effect 
• Weather protection 
• UV - weather-resistant 
• Insects and flies repellent 
• Anti corrosion 
• No more waxing! 
• Preserve car value condition 

1. Polish and clay paint to remove any defects and contaminants.
2. Clean surface with 15% IPA solution to remove all polishing oils, waxes, and silicones. (NOTE: You can use RM Citrus Power)
3. Shake well. Pour a few drops of Crystal Shield AM-3 to the supplied applicator cover with microfiber suede. 
4. Spread Crystal Shield AM-3 in a criss-cross or circular motion until surface feels dry. 
5. Buff off using Microfiber Cloth. 
6. Wait at least 2 hours to add another layer

Cautions :
• Do not touch or drive the car during the first 3 hours
• Avoid contact with water during the first 24 hours
• Do not wash and avoid contact with cleaners like shampoo, quick detailers, etc during first 7 days