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Grit Guard Pad Renewing Solution

Grit Guard Pad Renewing Solution
Brand: Others Others
Type: Cleaner
Packaging Size: 16 oz (RETAIL PACK)
Availability: Coming Soon!

Price: Rp. 150,000,-


Grit Guard Pad Renewing Solution is a biodegradable pad cleaner for all foam and wool pads. It removes petroleum and water-based car care products from wool fibers and foam pores. The solution is designed to maximize the cleaning ability of the Grit Guard Pad Washer, but it also works well with agitation from a pad cleaning brush. 
Before using the Grit Guard Dual Action Pad Washer, spray the pad with 2-3 spritzes of Pad Renewing Solution. It will help break up oily residues inside the pad as you operate the pad washer.
If you do not have the pad washer, use a pad brush to agitate the foam or wool and rinse. Lay pads face down to dry so water drains away from the backing. Store clean pads in plastic bags or bins to keep them clean between uses.