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Eimann Fabrik Tire Cleaner

Eimann Fabrik Tire Cleaner
Brand: Eimann Fabrik Eimann Fabrik
Type: Wheel Care
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Don't just wash your tires.
Deep clean them! 
If you've checked your local auto parts store lately looking for a tire cleaner, there's a good chance you came away empty handed. Yes, there are Wheel & Tire cleaners and Vinyl & Rubber cleaners but there are precious few "Tire Cleaners." That's regrettable because multi-purpose products often do a poor job of cleaning tires. Worse yet, the solvents in some multi-purpose cleaners can give tires a dull, chalky appearance.
Eimann Fabrik Tire Cleaner & Whitewall Brightener is specifically designed to clean tires. It's not a wheel cleaner or a vinyl cleaner. Don't use it to clean your convertible's top. It's a tire cleaner and it's a darn good one. We designed this cleaner using the latest generation of non-ionic surfactants. It not only removes surface dirt, it penetrates into the tire's pores to lift and remove imbedded road oils, micro-grime and old dressing residues. It deep cleans yet contains no acids, no petroleum solvents and no butyl of any kind!
Try this test: 
Clean a tire with whatever product you're currently using. After you rinse your just-cleaned tire, spray it with Eimann Fabrik Tire Cleaner and run a sponge or tire brush over the surface.
You'll be amazed at the amount of grunge that was still on the tire's surface and in the outer pores! Now your tires are clean.
Eimann Fabrik Tire Cleaner also contains optical brighteners to clean and refresh whitewalls and white lettering. Some tire cleaners contain bleach to brighten whitewalls but bleach can turn the carbon black in tires a dull gray color. 
Eimann Fabrik contains no bleach. It brightens whitewalls but does not discolor the tire's outer surface.
All tire dressings look their best when applied over clean, dry tires. To put your car on the best-dressed list, follow these simple instructions: 
Clean one tire at a time. 
Spray Eimann Fabrik Tire Cleaner on a dirty tire, covering the tires surface. 
Agitate the surface with a wet sponge or tire brush. 
Rinse and pat dry. 
Apply your favorite tire dressing.