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BLACKFIRE Gloss Enchancing Polish (CHOOSE SIZE)

BLACKFIRE Gloss Enchancing Polish (CHOOSE SIZE)
Type: Glaze/Polish Enchancer
Packaging Size: CHOOSE SIZE
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Finishing polish with a built-in glaze for the ultimate "wet-look", reduces swirl marks while creating a deep gloss. It removes old waxes and sealants and cleans the paint's surface to prep it for a shiny coat of wax or paint sealant. Used before your LSP (last step product).
It hides minor swirls and water spots, good for all colors, and prepares paint for fresh wax or sealant.
BLACKFIRE Gloss Enhancing Polish can be applied by hand or machine. Shake well before use. Remove residue using a soft, dry microfiber towel.  Work one section at a time.