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Menzerna Super Finish (SF 4500) PO85RD

Menzerna Super Finish (SF 4500) PO85RD
Brand: Menzerna Menzerna
Type: Polishing Compound
Packaging Size: 32 oz
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Menzerna Finish Polish PO85RD is the fine grade finishing polish removes 2500 grit sanding marks from the paint and eliminates compounding haze to leave the paint looking smooth and shiny. It contains no waxes, glazes, or silicones. 
Apply Menzerna Finish PO85RD with a dual action or rotary (circular) polisher for the best cutting power. For gloss enhancement, Menzerna Finish PO85RD can be applied by hand. Wipe off the polish with a damp microfiber towel.