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BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond Rinseless Wash

BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond Rinseless Wash
Type: Waterless/Rinseless
Packaging Size: 16 oz (RETAIL PACK)
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BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond Rinseless Wash is efficient and extremely slick, allowing dirt and grime to be washed away with out scratching. It also coats the paint in a layer of BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond polymers. BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond Rinseless Wash is the most advanced rinseless wash.
Does not require rinsing because it is not soapy. It contains lubricants and polymers that loosen dirt and oils on the vehicle so you can wipe them away with a wash mitt or sponge. These lubricants prevent grit from scratching the paint. Just wash, wipe, and dry.
Dilute 1 ounce in 2 gallons of water. Soak a wash mitt or sponge in the solution and wash the vehicle one section at a time. Wash one panel at a time, making sure to flood the surface with an adequate amount of solution. Wash in gentle straight-line motions. Dry using two towels. Lightly wipe the first towel over the panel then follow with the second towel to ensure a high gloss, streak-free shine.