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Extreme Synthetic Acrylic Detailer

Extreme Synthetic Acrylic Detailer
Brand: Chemical Guys Chemical Guys
Type: Quick Detailer
Packaging Size: 16 oz
Availability: In Stock

Price: Rp. 180,000,-


Chemical Guys Extreme Slick Synthetic Quick Detailer is the slickest lubricant and detailer, comes from a polymer resin based fluid combined with acrylic wetting agents and lubricants. The anti static formula will reduce static charge and will help get rid of those annoying fingerprints and smudges.
Use between washes and wax applications; help remove stubborn polishes and waxes; and it can be used on glass, chrome, gel coats, plexi-glass and fiberglass. 
Simply mist towel or directly onto surface. For the best results, use a microfiber towel to attract dust and minimize the risk of scratching. Do not use the same towel on your paint and glass that you have used on your wheels. 
Mist after washing, while drying or anytime for a fast dry with a superior shine.