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AQuartz Swirl Free Wool Wash Mitt

AQuartz Swirl Free Wool Wash Mitt
Brand: AQuartz AQuartz
Type: Washmitt/Sponge
Packaging Size:
Availability: In Stock

Price: Rp. 200,000,-

One of the car care problems are marring and swirling the paint, this happen mostly by using harsh sponge mitt/wash mitt.
it has been proven that the natural wool mitt has less swirling property than any other mitts.
We have designed our wool to aftercare Aquartz to last longer by less possible to marr or swirl.


AQuartz 100% Wool Wash Mitt Specs.:

- 100% natural merino sheep skin 15cm X 25cm , wool lenght 6 ~8 cm
- Up side : non scratching fabric net.

- Weight : ~100gram.




- Super soft wool fibers mitt.
- Less water absorbing compare to similar mitt.
- Holds a fair amount of wash solution, while keeping low weight in wet.
- Tends to "stick" on to the paint surface, makes cleaning effective, doesnt fall off from surface.
- Long fibres allow good reach into gaps and crevasses without additional tools like brushes.
- Great control while washing, good surface coverage.
- Easy to rinse and clean.


After Care:


- After use, rinse well under a warm tap water to remove as much debris and dirt as possible.
- Do not machine wash!.
- Use a dedicated detergent if the mitt is very dirty.
- Brush the wool with pet brush or strong hair brush to keep the wool fluffy.