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S100 Polishing Soap

S100 Polishing Soap
Brand: Others Others
Type: Chrome Polish
Packaging Size: 10.6 oz
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S100 Polishing Soap is quick and clean to use. The jar consists of a dry clay-based soap and a 1 ½ inch thick polishing sponge that rinses completely clean and stores in the cap.
Use S100 on exhaust pipes, handlebars, spokes, exhaust tips, forks, headers, and polished wheels and casings. It’s safe for use on fiberglass, porcelain, stainless steel, glass, ceramic, grout, aluminum and plastics (Not intended for use on anodized and painted surfaces.)
Wash the motorcycle to remove dirt and oil, drying is not necessary. Wet the sponge and wring it out, drag across the soap several times and then squeeze the sponge to create lather. Rub the metal vigorously. Allow the soap to dry to a haze and rinse well with water.