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GreenClean Total Interior/Exterior All Surface Cleaner

GreenClean Total Interior/Exterior All Surface Cleaner
Brand: Chemical Guys Chemical Guys
Type: Cleaner
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Chemical Guys GreenCLEAN All Surface Cleaner is a concentrated APC engineered to emulsifies grease, inks, oils, coolants, lubricants and prevents re-soiling of clean surfaces. GreenCLEAN's unique blend of surfactants enhances the cleaning process to reduce labor on even the toughest soils.
Chemical Guys GreenCLEAN is water based and eco-friendly and when diluted correctly, GreenCLEAN will not will not discolor or stiffen interior surfaces. 
Rinse surface area off with plenty of water to loosen dirt and grease. Always dilute product with water, 1 oz. greenCLEAN with 15 oz. water. Spray on, touch stubborn spots with a towel or brush, and allow time for cleaner to work. If necessary, rub with a towel, sponge or brush. If needed for exterior, wheels, engine bays etc., rinse off with a sharp stream of water.