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Surbuf R Series 6.5 inch Buffing Pads (2 Pack)

Surbuf R Series 6.5 inch Buffing Pads (2 Pack)
Brand: Surbuf Surbuf
Type: Foam Pad (Machine)
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Price: Rp. 180,000,-

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Surbuf R Series Buffing Pads is covered in MicroFingers, tiny vertical fibers that adjust to compensate for all the peaks and valleys of the paint finish. 
It may look similar to wool pads, but MicroFingers resist bending and matting, less heat builds up, which protects clear coat finishes from burning.
Ideal for spot polishing or fine detail work, like the pillars, bumpers, spoilers, or body kits.
Surbuf pads can be cleaned easily by hand using a comb or soft brush.