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Eimann Fabrik High Gloss Acrylic Shield

Eimann Fabrik High Gloss Acrylic Shield
Brand: Eimann Fabrik Eimann Fabrik
Type: Spray Sealant
Packaging Size: 16 oz (RETAIL PACK)
Availability: Coming Soon!

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High Gloss Acrylic Shield is BACK!
Calling Eimann Fabrik High Gloss Acrylic Shield a quick detail spray is like calling a Ferrari basic transportation. High Gloss Acrylic Shield is actually a high gloss, super slippery, acrylic sealant in an easy-to-use spray format. 
So what's the big deal?
Eimann Fabrik High Gloss Acrylic Shield is two products in one and offers a level of performance not found in other spray-on products at this price. First, it's a high gloss, acrylic sealant that mists on and buffs off with ease. It can be used on top of carnauba wax and any polymer or acrylic paint sealant to clean off finger prints and minor dust. Now you can simply spray on an extra layer of shine and protection without worrying about streaks, haze or cloudy patches.
Secondly, Eimann Fabrik High Gloss Acrylic Shield will increase shine, extend protection and leaves a durable, protective acrylic shine that is SUPER SLIPPERY! 
Extend and maintain shine and slipperiness.
High Gloss Acrylic Shield is not a quick-detail spray. It is a spray-on, polymer sealant. 
uick detail sprays diminish true surface slipperiness every time they are used. This occurs because the cleaners in Quick Detail sprays actually remove some surface polymers. They may create a short-lived, slippery finish by using silicone oils but these oils attract dust and do little to increase durability. 
High Gloss Acrylic Shield contains the same super-slippery, high gloss, acrylic polymer used in FMJ.
Every time you apply a layer of High Gloss Acrylic Shield you add a micro-fine, super slippery, gloss jacket that increases depth of shine and extends the durability of the initial polymer coating. 
Eimann Fabrik High Gloss Acrylic Shield is paint safe and lasts weeks not days!
High Gloss Acrylic Shield will increase surface gloss, restore slipperiness and extend protection for weeks with a simple spray-on, wipe and buff off application. High Gloss Acrylic Shield is VOC compliant and safe for Fiberglass, chrome and all paints with or without a clear coat. Try it on your car, motorcycle, jet ski, ATV or snowmobile and you'll never use anything else.
Just mist, spread & buff.
For best results, mist on a three to four sq. ft. area out of direct sunlight and wipe once with a Microfiber cloth such as our Perfect Shine Buffing Cloth or Magic Towel to spread product. A light haze may form. Refold buffing cloth and buff off remaining residues to a bright shine.
Detailing Tip #1: Use this spray as a last minute waterless wash for show cars detailed with Klasse, Eimann Fabrik FMJ, or your favorite sealants. It increases gloss and removes dust, grime and fingerprints anytime, without water
Detailing Tip #2: After cleaning wheels, wipe them with a soft towel to prevent water spots then mist and wipe with High Gloss Acrylic Shield. This keeps the wheel looking great and makes future cleaning easier. 
This is also a great product for any vehicle with a large front grill (Rolls Royce, Bentley, etc.). Simply mist and wipe all chrome and painted surfaces to make bug splatter removal a snap.