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Prima Hydro Seal Paint Sealant

Prima Hydro Seal Paint Sealant
Brand: Prima Car Care Prima Car Care
Type: Paint Sealant
Packaging Size: 16 oz
Availability: In Stock

Price: Rp. 350,000,-


Prima Hydro Seal is a water-activated polymer paint sealant with a deep, clear finish. Safe to use on any non-porous surface, including paint, glass, plastic, and metal. Simple wipe-on, wipe-off application.
Start with 2 microfiber towels and a spray bottle of water, apply to a clean car. Soak one towel with water then wring out excess water so towel is lightly damp. Spread product on the wet towel. Mist a section of paint with water and apply Hydro Seal onto the paint until it begins to disappear. Wipe any residue from the paint with your dry towel.