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AQuartz PPF Premium Coating (60 ml)

AQuartz PPF Premium Coating (60 ml)
Brand: AQuartz AQuartz
Type: Nano Coating
Packaging Size: 60 ml.
Availability: Temporary Back Order

Price: Rp. 450,000,-

AQuartz Titanium 9Hardness Base PPF Coating for Car Paint

The world's finest automotive inorganic Titanium Coating. 
AQuartz is the next generation of protective coating for automotive surfaces. 
It offers an extremely durable crystal coat which protects against acid rain, bird droppings, road film, tar 
and harmful UV rays. 
As AQuartz have the highest level hardness (9 to 12h) and the adhesive strength of the paint, 
it will minimize the appearance of light scratches and preserve the beautiful your car colour. 
It will also protect the car paint longer. 
Besides protecting, it also offers a deep rich gloss, near glass like finish, with a self cleaning effect, making future washing of your vehicle faster and easier!
AQuartz's PPF Coating is the surest way of precautions against such damage to paint.
Once the car leaves the assembly plant, original car paint is subjected to harsh conditions.
During the normal use, it will be subjected to scratches or stone-chips from flying debris, in addition to environmental damages. 
The surface will be subjected to bugs, tree sap, acid rain and bird droppings which will attack the car paint with its chemical reactions. 
Also, in order to remove the above surface contaminants, we have to clean our car often.
The frequent cleaning will force the paint-surface to wear thin & weak, and make it corrode your car.
Almost, car-paint is vulnerable to external environment factors, especially, In cases of old car-paint is more. 
The flood sold car-paint is thin and weak because of external environment factors(washing, cutting, polishing, weather, UV, etc), so its original color is not long lasting. 
This paint damages will devalue the vehicle and affect its beauty. 
Expensive repairs and repainting the vehicle will be necessary. 
AQuartz's PPF Coating is the surest way of precautions against such damage to paint.
The PPF layer can make to cover(protect) the weak car-paint from the damages, and add more hardness, duration and effect and the original colour of new car.

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