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Crystal Shield RC-9H

Crystal Shield RC-9H
Brand: Crystal Shield Crystal Shield
Type: Wheel Coating
Packaging Size: 50 ml
Availability: In Stock

Price: Rp. 570,000,-

Form (9H) hard layer like crystal glass to resist scratches and avoid brake dust, powder dust to be adhered

• Coat for all type of wheel. 
• Can be used on any metal, chrome or polished material
• Real 9H Hardness, will crack on car body
• Durability at least 10 years of protection

1. Wash in advance before applying. Do not apply when wheels are dirty
2. Remove brake dust and dirt with wheel cleaner or abrasive. After that, wipe away water and dry completely. 
3. When wheels are dry, apply evenly. Be careful not to drip. Plaster wheels a few times.
4. Wipe away with Microfiber Cloth as soon as you finish applying.

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