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AQuartz TIRAMICS Nano Ceramics Clear Paint & Metal Coating

AQuartz TIRAMICS Nano Ceramics Clear Paint & Metal Coating
Brand: AQuartz AQuartz
Type: Nano Coating
Packaging Size: TBA
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We have developed the world's first semi-permanent coating ceramics that can be coated directly on the surface without sanding or primer work.
"TIRAMIX" is a new metal ceramic coating with flexibility, elasticity and high hardness properties that complements the disadvantages of regular ceramic coatings.
These new properties make the painted surfaces not to be cracked in sheet metal forming process such as "90˚ ~180 ˚ bending", "rolling", "laser cutting
& marking", therefore you can do direct coat it on the original sheet state without any processing, and you can also cure the sheet coated simply.
The coated surface can protect the surface from scratching with hardness of pencil of over 7h ~ 9h .
It has high gloss, slippery property, water repellent, UV blocking effect, anti-corrosive characteristic and prevents adhesion of contaminants such as fingerprints,
you can also clean the surface easily.
It can be applied to various material surfaces such as clear coat of vehicle paint, stainless steel and aluminum wheel & sash, steel saw, steel knife, etc.
  • Can be applied directly on the surface without sanding or priming work before coating, so you can save the work time and cost,
  • Semi-permanent durability against chemicals, moisture, climate change, color discoloration, corrosion protection,anti-pollution and UV protection.
  • 7h~9h or more hardness level
  • Coated surface will still be elastic and ductile, cracks do not occur in plastic working such as bending, rolling, laser cutting and marking of 90~180 degrees, so you can apply it on the plate state of raw material.
  • Water repellent effect, and self cleaning effect reduce dust and pollutants, thus reducing the frequency of frequent cleaning.
  • Applicable for clear coats, paint surfaces, stainless steel, aluminum.
  • No more waxing products or polishes are required.
  • Cost-effective.