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AQuartz T-Fuzion

AQuartz T-Fuzion
Brand: AQuartz AQuartz
Type: Nano Coating
Packaging Size: 40 ml.
Availability: In Stock

Price: Rp. 350,000,-

NOW AVAILABLE IN 70, 250, 500 ml with sprayer and 1 liter refill bottle. CONTACT FOR MORE DETAIL.

Top Coating with Chemical Curing
T-Fusion has almost the same of T-Cera in duration & applying method, with better water beading property.
It can be cured within 12hours without any heat or in below zero temperature.
AQuartz T-Fuzion provides the following Key benefits
  • Suitable for over all finishing car body plus windshields, plastics, wheels, leather, etc.
  • Can be coated on any color of car paint, no stain problem of black color car even without any problems.
  • Can be coated on a new car within 1 hours only, and very simple and easy application than other products.
  • Corrosion Protection.
  • Very high slipping effect and Excellent Water/Dirt Repellent effect - Long-lasting Hydrophobic effect.
  • No Cracking, No Water Spot, No Swirl Marks.
  • Semipermanent lasting, easy to clean surface/self cleaning effect.
  • High Deep Gloss and Color Renew
  • Anti-Stick, Anti-Dirt, Anti-Graffity, Anti-Fingerprints.
  • Less use of windshield wipers and thus less wear & tear of wiper blades.
  • Less use of windshield washer fluid.
  • Wonderful visibility when driving in heavy rain (over 38km/h, no need to use wipers operating):.
  • Easy to clean surface against salts, calcium, oil, grease & other contaminants.
  • Stops salt efflorescence, Moss & algae rejecting
  • Insects and flies repellent
  • Preserves Resale Value of New Car
  • Preserves Resale Value of Used Car
  • Hardness over 9H scale (between saphire & diamond)
  • No more need to wax or polish.
  • Cost effective : only 20 ml per one whole car(paint, glass, wheels)
>>   Application:
Approximately one complete full-sized automobile per 20ml.
Prepare a cosmetic cotton pad or the sponge applicator wrapped with the suede microfiber towel
and a clean dry microfiber cloth.
But if you can spread evenly the liquid with a microfiber towel well, prepare 2 clean dry microfiber cloths.

In order to obtain perfect results, please follow steps of AQuartz Detailing Program as below:
1. Remove all residues with AQuartz PreLoad before Coatings applied.
2. Leave surface to rest ~5min, afterwards, coat PPF Base coating.
3. Apply T-Fusion after the layer of PPF be dried completely. : 12hrs later
4. To get a perfect protection, coat Titaniun V3 on the layer of T-Fusion be dried completely(after 24 hours).
** Because T-Fusion is a DRY Coating, after car wash, dry the car before coating.
** Must always use a soft microfiber swirl and oil free cloth to buff the painted surface to remove dust and smudges