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BLACKFIRE Leather Conditioner

BLACKFIRE Leather Conditioner
Type: Dressing/Protectant
Packaging Size: 16 oz (RETAIL PACK)
Availability: Coming Soon!

Price: Rp. 300,000,-


BLACKFIRE Leather Conditioner with UV protectant and keeps leather soft with breathable polymers. Resists abrasion, arming your car’s leather seats against daily wear and tear, leaves a moisture barrier to prevent moisture from breaking down leather or stitching.
For best results, thoroughly clean surface first, apply a dime-size amount of BLACKFIRE Leather Conditioner onto a foam or microfiber applicator and thoroughly massage into the leather.  Allow lotion to penetrate for several seconds. Then lightly buff with a soft microfiber towel to remove any excess.  
This product is not recommended on perforated leathers as it could clog the pores. Do not use on napped leathers such as suede.