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Lake Country Hybrid Power Finish 6.5 Inch Pads

Lake Country Hybrid Power Finish 6.5 Inch Pads
Brand: Lake Country Lake Country
Type: Foam Pad (Machine)
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Made from all new, state-of-the-art foam compositions.

Pad types :

Orange Heavy Cutting Pad

6.5 inch Hybrid Orange Heavy Cutting Pad – High cut level but finishes like a foam finishing pad, removes most paint imperfections and leaves a finish that is nearly wax ready.


Blue Light Cutting Pad

6.5 inch Hybrid Blue Light Cutting Pad – Light cutting pad with super dense construction for defect removal.


White Polishing pad

6.5 inch Hybrid White Polishing Pad – Remove light imperfections, for light polish, cleaner wax.


Black Finishing Pad 6.5 inch Hybrid Black Finishing Pad – No cutting ability, super soft foam for finishing polishes, waxes, sealants, and glazes.